Month: January 2022

  • Episode – 2×12 “Under Color of Authority”

    Join us for Episode – 2×12 “Under Color of Authority” wherein Duncan is the worst and Richie is right about everything except how to properly run away. Mako is trash […]

  • Episode – 2×11 “The Fighter”

    Join us for Episode – 2×11 “The Fighter” in which Duncan has to confront a scrappy little 250-year-old Irish Incel about his increasingly random habit of murdering people. Email: […]

  • Episode – 2×10 “Epitaph for Tommy”

    Join us for Episode – 2×10 “Epitaph for Tommy” wherein a badly cast thin premise is stretched beyond comprehension to barely fit 48 minutes. Email: Twitter: Subscribe to […]

  • Episode – 2×09 “Run For Your Life”

    Join us for 2×09 “Run For Your Life” in which we learn that immortals should get financial counseling at the same time they get sword training. In a not at […]