Month: August 2022

  • Episode 3×12 – They also Serve

    Join us for Episode 3×12 – “They also Serve” in which Duncan finds himself deep in a clipshow and the watchers continue to be surprisingly lame. Email: Twitter: […]

  • Episode 3×11 – Vendetta

    Join us for Episode 3×11 – “Vendetta” wherein Duncan gets drawn into some not-quite-mobster shenanigans for comedy? Also, somehow, beyond all logic and reason, Anne is back. Email: Twitter: […]

  • Episode 3×10 – Blackmail

    Join us Episode 3×10 – “Blackmail” in which Duncan gets filmed chopping off a head by a complete idiot also we flashback to Duncan getting lost in a maze. We […]

  • Episode 3×09 – Shadows

    Join us Episode 3×09 – Shadows wherein Duncan loses his mind thanks to kooky immortal artist that is using his mind powers to get revenge, but instead just ends the […]