Month: January 2023

  • Episode 3×22 – Finale (part 2)

    Join us for Episode 3×22 – “Finale part 2” in which Duncan finally takes care of the Kalas situation and also strategically harnesses a quickening to do precision EMP damage? […]

  • Episode 3×21 – Finale (part 1)

    Join us for Episode 3×21 – “Finale part 1” wherein Amanda inadvertently releases Kalas and The Watchers, once again prove how absolutely incapable they are of watching. Why would any […]

  • Episode 3×20 – Reasonable Doubts

    Join us for Episode 3×20 – “Reasonable Doubts” in which Duncan gets involved in recuing an original Da Vinci sketch that is in no way being properly taken care of […]