Month: June 2023

  • Episode 4×05 – Double Eagle

    Join us for Episode 4×05 – “Double Eagle” wherein Duncan leaves the home in a shirt that is truly unfathomable and Amanda returns to get into kooky antics with our […]

  • Episode 4×04 – Leader of The Pack

    Join us for Episode 4×04 – “Leader of The Pack” in which Professor Duncan deals with an immortal with a terrible look and lot of dog pals and Richie hunts […]

  • Episode 4×03 – The Innocent

    Join us for Episode 4×03 – “The Innocent” wherein Richie brings home a lost puppy in the form of an immortal with limited mental development and Duncan doesn’t want to […]

  • Episode 4×02 – Brothers in Arms

    Join us for Episode 4×02 – “Brothers in Arms” in which Duncan and Joe breakup after getting Charlie killed. Also, Charlie is back for a sec. The Watchers are wildly […]