Author: Brad Cupples

  • Episode 5×02 – The End of Innocence

    Join us for Episode 5×02 – “The End of Innocence” in which Duncan has to deal with Richie who is dealing with PTSD by becoming a serial killer and ending […]

  • Episode 5×01 – Prophecy

    Join us for Episode 5×01 – “Prophecy” wherein Duncan is the chosen one groomed by an immortal witch predator to defeat a psychic jazz vampire. Email: Twitter: Subscribe […]

  • Episode 4×22 – One Minute to Midnight

    Join us for Episode 4×22 – “One Minute to Midnight” in which Duncan and Joe are in hiding and of course this is all Horton’s fault. The Watchers are so […]

  • Episode 4×21 – Judgement Day

    Join us for Episode 4×21 – “Judgement Day” wherein Joe is put on Trial for Friendship and we endure a clip show that is bold enough to be a 2 […]

  • Episode 4×20 – Till Death

    Join us for Episode 4×20 – “Till Death” in which Duncan and Methos get involved in the wacky hijinks of trying to save a 300-year-old marriage. Email: Twitter: […]

  • Episode 4×19 – Double Jeopardy

    Join us for Episode 4×19 – “Double Jeopardy” wherein Duncan gets called in by a very memorable returning character that we haven’t completely forgotten about, to help investigate a crime […]

  • Episode 4×18 – Through a Glass Darkly

    Join us for Episode 4×18 – “Through a Glass, Darkly” in which Duncan has to deal with his lamest friend who has a complete mental breakdown when confronted with the […]

  • Episode 4×17 – The Immortal Cimoli

    Join us for Episode 4×17 – “The Immortal Cimoli” wherein Duncan and Amanda have deal with a filthy degenerate Magician and get to meet his truly wonderful mother. Severe Fashion […]

  • Episode 4×16 – Methuselah’s Gift

    Join us for Episode 4×16 – “Methuselah’s Gift” in which Duncan is putting the barge back together in the background of this action-packed ep as the watchers continue to be […]

  • Episode 4×15 – Promises

    Join us for Episode 4×15 – “Promises” wherein Duncan makes everything worse by being a part of this very stupid episode. Email: Twitter: Subscribe to the RSS feed […]