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  • Episode – 1×01 “The Gathering”

    Join us for the first episode of Highlander: The Series 1×01 “The Gathering” in which a rascally teenager(?) breaks into Duncan McCloud’s sex palace/antique shop moments before an immortal sword […]

  • Episode – Highlander II: The Quickening (1991)

    Join us as we jump into the far far future of the year 2024 in which an energy shield is protecting earth from the dangers of the sun and old […]

  • Episode 1 – Highlander (1986)

    Join us as we get things going and discuss the original Highlander film. We set up important parameters for future sword-nerd interactions and voice our support for unnecessary flips and […]

  • Episode 0 – Not Quite Scottish Imports

    Join us as we prepare to respectfully discuss the fashions and questionable nationalities of the Highlander films and television series. We get started by taking a peek at the trailer […]

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