Author: Brad Cupples

  • Episode – 2×06 “The Zone”

    Join us for 2×06 “The Zone” wherein Duncan and Charlie go to The Zone because Joe thought there was an immortal starting a cult …or something? No one knows what […]

  • Episode – 2×05 “Eye for an Eye”

    Join us for 2×05 “Eye for an Eye” in which Richie gets on the wrong side of the IRA. Obviously, this leads to Duncan having to seduce an immortal. Also, […]

  • Episode – 2×04 “The Darkness”

    Join us for 2×04 “The Darkness” wherein another lame rogue watcher pops up to cause a hassle and then an absolute tragedy takes place. Tessa you were a hero and […]

  • Episode – 2×03 “Turnabout”

    Join us for 2×03 “Turnabout” in which Duncan meets up with an old friend that once again is actually a mentally unstable serial killer. Also no one respects Charlie’s Dojo […]

  • Episode – 2×02 “Studies in Light”

    Join us for 2×02 “Studies in Light” wherein Duncan has another friend that really sucks also we learn how he inspired a photographer via a Mr. Rogers speech. It’s remains […]

  • Episode – 2×01 “The Watchers”

    Join us for the start of season two 2×01 “The Watchers” in which Duncan tracks down the watchers, who are shockingly bad at their job. Also, we visit Chekhov’s balcony […]

  • Episode – 1×22 “The Hunters”

    Join us for the first season finale 1×22 “The Hunters” wherein Darius is murdered by some real paranoid mortal creeps. Also, Richie continues his streak of being useful and Roger […]

  • Episode – 1×21 “Nowhere to Run”

    Join us for 1×21 “Nowhere to Run” in which Duncan goes to extreme Kevin McCallister measures to protect a rapist and people should listen to Richie. Email: Twitter: […]

  • Episode – 1×20 “Eye of the Beholder”

    Join us for 1×20 “Eye of the Beholder” wherein an immortal fashion designer is killing ladies for finding his secret trophy room. Also Richie and Duncan might be sharing clothes. […]

  • Episode – 1×19 “Avenging Angel”

    Join us for 1×19 “Avenging Angel” in which a delusional murderer finds out he’s an immortal and begins doing god’s work AKA killing more people. Tessa shocks us all by […]