• Episode 4×14 – Deliverance

    Join us for Episode 4×14 – “Deliverance” in which Evil Duncan does some crazy evil shenanigans and kills the single best immortal before being taken to a magic secret hot […]

  • Episode 4×13 – Something Wicked

    Join us for Episode 4×13 – “Something Wicked” wherein Duncan gets a dark quickening from his pal Coltec who’s cup finally overfilled. Richie finally asks what we’ve all been thinking. […]

  • Episode 4×12 – The Blitz

    Join us for Episode 4×21 – “The Blitz” in which we say goodbye to Anne forever. In flashback Duncan helps a reporter get killed. Also, why can’t Richie have a […]

  • Episode 4×11 – Timeless

    Join us for Episode 4×11 – “Timeless” wherein Duncan has been grooming Rae Dawn Chong since she was a teenager and now his weird friend wants to be even creepier. […]

  • Episode 4×10 – Chivalry

    Join us for Episode 4×10 – “Chivalry” in which Duncan is weird and Richie meets up with Kristin the immortal cougar and Methos is back in the mix. Email: notscot@reactionary-sass.com […]

  • Episode 4×09 – The Wrath of Kali

    Join us for Episode 4×09 – “The Wrath of Kali” wherein Duncan and Richie discuss “heritage not hate” and surprisingly Duncan is on the right side. In Flashback Duncan is […]

  • Episode 4×08 – Reluctant Heroes

    Join us for Episode 4×08 – “Reluctant Heroes” in which Duncan refuses to testify against an immortal that killed a woman in a possible banana-related mob hit. Duncan makes many […]

  • Episode 4×07 – The Colonel

    Join us for Episode 4×07 – “The Colonel” wherein Amanda gets a new girlfriend and Duncan gets kidnapped by Killian and his collection of spider pals. We meet our favorite […]

  • Episode 4×06 – Reunion

    Join us for Episode 4×06 – “Reunion” in which we get the unexpected return of two absolute fan favorites: Anne and Kenny. More importantly we meet a true hall of […]

  • Episode 4×05 – Double Eagle

    Join us for Episode 4×05 – “Double Eagle” wherein Duncan leaves the home in a shirt that is truly unfathomable and Amanda returns to get into kooky antics with our […]