• Episode 4×06 – Reunion

    Join us for Episode 4×06 – “Reunion” in which we get the unexpected return of two absolute fan favorites: Anne and Kenny. More importantly we meet a true hall of […]

  • Episode 4×05 – Double Eagle

    Join us for Episode 4×05 – “Double Eagle” wherein Duncan leaves the home in a shirt that is truly unfathomable and Amanda returns to get into kooky antics with our […]

  • Episode 4×04 – Leader of The Pack

    Join us for Episode 4×04 – “Leader of The Pack” in which Professor Duncan deals with an immortal with a terrible look and lot of dog pals and Richie hunts […]

  • Episode 4×03 – The Innocent

    Join us for Episode 4×03 – “The Innocent” wherein Richie brings home a lost puppy in the form of an immortal with limited mental development and Duncan doesn’t want to […]

  • Episode 4×02 – Brothers in Arms

    Join us for Episode 4×02 – “Brothers in Arms” in which Duncan and Joe breakup after getting Charlie killed. Also, Charlie is back for a sec. The Watchers are wildly […]

  • Episode 4×01 – Homeland

    Join us for Episode 4×01 – “Homeland” wherein Duncan returns to Scotland after finding that the ancient carburetor he had buried with unfortunately clumsy girlfriend. Also, Joe shows up for […]

  • Episode 3×22 – Finale (part 2)

    Join us for Episode 3×22 – “Finale part 2” in which Duncan finally takes care of the Kalas situation and also strategically harnesses a quickening to do precision EMP damage? […]

  • Episode 3×21 – Finale (part 1)

    Join us for Episode 3×21 – “Finale part 1” wherein Amanda inadvertently releases Kalas and The Watchers, once again prove how absolutely incapable they are of watching. Why would any […]

  • Episode 3×20 – Reasonable Doubts

    Join us for Episode 3×20 – “Reasonable Doubts” in which Duncan gets involved in recuing an original Da Vinci sketch that is in no way being properly taken care of […]

  • Episode 3×19 – Mortal Sins

    Join us for Episode 3×19 – “Mortal Sins” wherein Duncan has to help very tiny little mini-Bernard survive the Nazis… AGAIN. We say goodbye to Anne and again have a […]