Author: Brad Cupples

  • Episode 3×19 – Mortal Sins

    Join us for Episode 3×19 – “Mortal Sins” wherein Duncan has to help very tiny little mini-Bernard survive the Nazis… AGAIN. We say goodbye to Anne and again have a […]

  • Episode 3×18 – Testimony

    Join us for Episode 3×18 – “Testimony” in which Anne somehow finds her way back into the show. We learn about bed fondue and mostly everything else happens off-screen. Email: […]

  • Episode 3×17 – Take Back the Night

    Join us for Episode 3×17 – “Take Back the Night” wherein Duncan picks up a rascally-ragamuffin-pick-pocket and the motorcycle show comes to an end. Meanwhile an immortal puts on some […]

  • Episode 3×16 – Methos

    Join us for Episode 3×16 – “Methos” in which Duncan meets the oldest Immortal who has been playing the longest con on the watchers. The high drama of Richie’s racing […]

  • Episode 3×15 – Star-Crossed

    Join us for Episode 3×15 – “Star-Crossed” wherein Duncan gets to use all of his amazing hacking skills to help Fitzcairn hack the Le Cordon Bleu to update his resume. […]

  • Episode 3×14 – Song of the Executioner

    Join us for Episode 3×14 – “Song of the Executioner” in which Duncan learns to read from coward monks and an immortal with a robot voice “kills” him in front […]

  • Episode 3×13 – Blind Faith

    Join us for Episode 3×13 – “Blind Faith” wherein Duncan deals with a sketchy conman immortal that has gone from letting people die for money to starting a really creepy […]

  • Episode 3×12 – They also Serve

    Join us for Episode 3×12 – “They also Serve” in which Duncan finds himself deep in a clipshow and the watchers continue to be surprisingly lame. Email: Twitter: […]

  • Episode 3×11 – Vendetta

    Join us for Episode 3×11 – “Vendetta” wherein Duncan gets drawn into some not-quite-mobster shenanigans for comedy? Also, somehow, beyond all logic and reason, Anne is back. Email: Twitter: […]

  • Episode 3×10 – Blackmail

    Join us Episode 3×10 – “Blackmail” in which Duncan gets filmed chopping off a head by a complete idiot also we flashback to Duncan getting lost in a maze. We […]