Author: Brad Cupples

  • Episode – 2×20 “Prodigal Son”

    Join us for Episode – 2×20 “Prodigal Son” wherein Richie comes back to the sex barge after being menaced by an immortal looking for Duncan despite the fact Connor is […]

  • Episode – 2×19 “Legacy”

    Join us for Episode – 2×19 “Legacy” in which Amanda is back in town for revenge against a guy collecting magic crystals. Maurice continues to be an absolute treasure. Email: […]

  • Episode – 2×18 “Pharaoh’s Daughter”

    Join us for Episode – 2×18 “Pharaoh’s Daughter” wherein Duncan meets a wildly angry immortal mummy that is set on revenge against an immortal Roman General. It’s just as kooky […]

  • Episode – 2×17 “Warmonger”

    Join us for Episode – 2×17 “Warmonger” in which Duncan continues to be on the wrong side of every class conflict but at least he keeps his word to sociopathic […]

  • Episode – 2×16 “The Vampire”

    Join us for Episode – 2×16 “The Vampire” wherein Duncan faces off with a one-time phony vampire and everything is shockingly mediocre, except Joe and Duncan’s romance. Email: Twitter: […]

  • Episode – 2×15 “Unholy Alliance: Part 2”

    Join us for Episode – 2×15 “Unholy Alliance: Part 2 in which Duncan gets a wacky new neighbor, Xavier gets his comeuppance, and Horton does a Horton, again. Email: […]

  • Episode – 2×14 “Unholy Alliance”

    Join us for Episode – 2×14 “Unholy Alliance” wherein Xavier St. Cloud returns with some mediocre watcher gunmen. Duncan breaks up with Joe and Charlie is really good at sneaking […]

  • Episode – 2×13 “Bless The Child”

    Join us for Episode – 2×13 “Bless The Child” in which Duncan and Charlie spend an entire long weekend inadvertently helping to steal a baby. Also, where were they going […]

  • Episode – 2×12 “Under Color of Authority”

    Join us for Episode – 2×12 “Under Color of Authority” wherein Duncan is the worst and Richie is right about everything except how to properly run away. Mako is trash […]

  • Episode – 2×11 “The Fighter”

    Join us for Episode – 2×11 “The Fighter” in which Duncan has to confront a scrappy little 250-year-old Irish Incel about his increasingly random habit of murdering people. Email: […]